The Next 15 Minutes : Book Review

The Next 15 MinutesMaybe it’s appropriate that my advanced copy of The Next 15 Minutes spent two days buried in snow. Yes, I’m aware at how offensive that probably sounds to the author, Kim Kircher, but then again, I think she’d understand.

It was a fast moving storm, and the first one of the season to hit Denver. I scrambled to gather everything that I thought I’d need for the night from my truck so I wouldn’t have to make another trip.

Somewhere along the way the book slipped out from the bundle of stuff that I struggled to keep together in my arms long enough to reach my house. It wasn’t until two days later that I relocated the book. When I found it laying there – its pages thoroughly soaked and saturated under what was left of the melting snow bank – I thought immediately of the section of the book in which Kircher, a ski patroller, shares her story of training her avalanche dog Rocket.

 Here’s my full review: The Next 15 Minutes