Denver’s Mark Urich Aims to Carve Ski Racing Career


Ski racer Mark Urich,
in the fall line.
Photo courtesy Mark Urich.

Mark Urich has his sights set far down the fall line. While hype for Sochi 2014 is nearing a fevered pitch, Urich is aiming for Korea 2018. It was just three years ago that the Denver native put on his first ski and he’s been pursuing an adaptive ski racing career ever since. 


An Instructor’s Crusade For Sun Safety

sticker-2013Dan Steffen, a ski instructor at Utah’s Deer Valley, has dedicated the past eight years to educating skiers and snowboarders of the critical importance of wearing sunscreen. For Steffen, the topic is literally a matter of life or death. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma in 2005.

“I’ll never forget that day, I was sitting in my bank office and received a call from my doctor who said it was melanoma,” Steffen says. “I asked what the prognosis was, and he said maybe I’d have six months. I was taken aback and quickly left my office and drove to see my wife. In the blink of an eye it appeared that all of our hopes and dreams together we obliterated.”

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