Ski Cooper: A Gem among Giants

Ski Cooper trail map photoSometimes you love a ski area for what it isn’t. There are a lot of things Ski Cooper isn’t, and noisy on a Tuesday afternoon is usually one of them.

In fact on most days, about the only racket skiers and snowboarders hear is the clamor of the sheave wheels as the chairlift grip passes through each lift tower. If you’re riding one of the 180 chairs on the 10th Mountain lift, that noise occurs about every 30 seconds.

It’s the time in between, the near absolute silence that comes at the 15 second interval, when you’re the furthest distance in between the towers and the cable sags to its lowest point, that you discover why Ski Cooper is considered one of the gems of Colorado Ski Country. REQUEST FULL POST

Monarch: 1,000 Miles from Hollywood and Then Some

Kjelle hucking Monarch

Kjell Ellefson hucking Monarch backcountry. Photo by Troy Hawks.


If you know Greg Ralph, marketing director at Monarch Mountain, then you know that 90 percent of the time there is an air of humor to his words. 

“No…I’m not interested in buying an ad in your paper…you’ve done a great job of explaining it, I get it, but I’m sorry…I’ve got some things in front of me here and I’ve gotta go now,” he says to a person persisting on the other end of the phone. Ralph hangs up, lets out a “sheesh,” and then continues with the same comedic undertone.

“C’mon, really…are you serious,” he asks rhetorically. “Hollywood, why would I want to advertise in Hollywood…I mean really…did he bother to do any research?”