Pairing Up with Outdoor Gangster


Powder Mountain border tour with the crew at Outdoor Gangster. Photo illustration by Troy Hawks.

Despite there being so many words in the English language ‑ and more being invented every day‑ sometimes all you really need is two; like bacon and eggs.

Technically that’s three words, but you get the point. On their own, they are static. But when placed side-by-side they have the power to rile up an electromagnetic nerve impulse strong enough to send a 200-pound grown man running for the nearest Denny’s. 

Here’s another two words: Powder Mountain, arguably the best name for a ski area ever. It’s difficult to find another vernacular duo that when used together does a better job of cutting to the core of what seasoned skiers and snowboarders crave the most: A mountain of powder. With more than 7,000 skiable acres and an average 500 inches of snow a year, it’s an appetite Powder Mountain has been satisfying since 1972.


World Class in Wisconsin

birkie fever coverMost folks don’t think of Wisconsin as a World class skiing destination. I grew up in the heart of America’s Dairyland, and the topography there is “rolling” at best.  So as an eight year old, skiing to me meant being pulled behind our snowmobile, a natural progression given my prowess at water skiing.

Each of the 50 states has its own unique mini-culture – a set of characteristics and traits that tend to distinguish it from the other 49 – and the way of life in Wisconsin is the stuff of legend. In his book, “Beyond Birkie Fever,” Walter Rhein captures the juxtaposition that exists when a state in which skiing plays second fiddle to football, deer hunting, and bowling, hosts an internationally renowned cross country ski race.  

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