What’s Cooking with Steven Nyman, Three-Time Olympian Ski Racer


Steven Nyman finding angulation. Photo courtesy of Steven.

Steven Nyman finding angulation. Photo courtesy of Steven.

It’s Sunday afternoon in late July and Steve Nyman, three-time Olympian ski racer, is holding court. In a few days he’ll be flying to New Zealand for a month of training as he kick-starts his 14th World Cup season; But first, a barbeque.

On this day, Nyman has invited a small group of young up-and-coming competitive skiers to his Deer Valley condo for a cookout. There’s a mix of freestylers, ski jumpers, and alpiners. His friend and business cohort Johnny Alamo describes the scene.

“It’s just amazing to watch how he carries himself,” says Alamo. IMG_4628“There’s a group of 20- to 22-year-olds all gathering around, listening to Steven; he’s cooking, he’s telling one story right after another, and he’s giving them advice on how to pack – hell, he’s not only cooking for them, he’s cleaning the dishes too!”

As it turns out, the 32-year-old Nyman has become somewhat of a father figure on the U.S. ski team. Just five months earlier he had 21-year-old freestyle sensation Heidi Kloser hoisted on his shoulders for the one mile walk to the opening ceremonies in Sochi. Kloser’s Olympic hopes were squandered days earlier when she broke her leg and blew her knee out while taking a training run.Liftopia Steve 1

Nyman fought back from his own career setback after suffering one of the worst injuries in all of sports; a torn Achilles tendon. Now, he’s well-poised to continue leading by example, and show the younger racers what it takes to podium. After a disappointing 27th place finish in the Olympic Downhill, Nyman went on to win both the Super G and Downhill races in Aspen last April.

There’s plenty cooking in Steven Nyman’s world right now. Here’s what we grilled him on the morning after the barbeque. READ OUR FULL Q&A