Vail Mayor Andy Daly is Stoked for 2015 World Alpine Championships

Originally published in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Nov. 11, 2014).

Daly_web (2)In less than 100 days some 35,000 ski fans and families from around the globe will descend upon Colorado’s Vail Valley for the 2015 World Alpine Championships. 

The event runs Feb. 2-15 and is expected to nearly triple the population of Vail and Avon. These numbers might seem a little daunting to a mountain town mayor, but Vail’s Andy Daly is not your average mayor.

It would be fair to add Daly to the list of skiing politicians, except most of the others on the list can’t ski. How many places has he skied? He’d love to tell you, but he’s kind of lost count. Let’s just call it hundreds of ski areas in North America and Europe.

And even at 68, Daly’s still skipping work and ripping it up with his friends on powder days. The Mayor skips work on powder days? (Oops, did we just say that?)

In addition to his Mayoral gig, Daly is also part-owner and operator of Powderhorn, including 750 acres of undeveloped land at the base of the resort. And when he’s not doing that, he’s helping steer the development of Alpine Mountain Ranch and Club, an exclusive single-family community in Steamboat adjacent to the ski area.

There aren’t many ski bums that can match Daly’s resume, so we caught up with him to chat about as his town’s preparation for the 2015 WAC. It’s only the third time the event has been held in the U.S., and Daly was front and center during the previous two WACs held in 1989 and 1999, well sort of anyway. Here’s more from Daly on his town’s preparation for the 2015 World Alpine Championships. REQUEST FULL POST


Q&A with Olympic Gold Medalist Mikaela Shiffrin


Olympic Gold Medalist Mikaela Shiffrin. Photo courtesy of Mikaela.

Olympic Gold Medalist Mikaela Shiffrin. Photo courtesy of Mikaela.

If you were going to make a list of things nobody said ever, than you might add this: “Now that I’ve won an Olympic gold medal I can’t wait to study for my SATs.” When we recently caught up with Mikaela Shiffrin, she was already training for the upcoming ski season, and more immediately, passing her college admissions test and enrolling in a few courses. Here’s more on our conversation: REQUEST FULL POST

Three Good Reasons to Book Your Ski Trip Early

Photo courtesy Copper Mountain

Photo courtesy Copper Mountain

It’s a common dilemma for vacationing families: Should you book your ski vacation early, or hold out with the hope of cashing in on a last minute bargain?


The last minute bargain your mind’s eye envisions might not materialize. As a result, you may miss out on lucrative advanced reservation promotions or even worse, not be able to stay in your family’s favorite slope-side hotel because it’s already sold out. Savvy families know that there are a host of budget-friendly benefits to booking a ski and snowboard vacation early.

Here are three good reasons to book your vacation now. REQUEST FULL POST

Three New Books for the Skier’s Library

3D Book with ShadowTopics explore the future of snow, avalanche safety essentials, and “lost” ski areas.

I don’t know if you’d call it a “ski-brary” or a “librare-ski” but no matter what you call that dusty old stack of tattered ski literature sitting on the corner shelf, here are three books we’d recommend adding to the collection.

The works speak to the sport’s past, as in “lost” ski areas, its present, as in avalanche safety, and the future, as in climate change. Each author dissects a unique aspect of the sport, and all together they afford skiers and riders an opportunity to add depth to their snow stake of knowledge. READ FULL ARTICLE. 

Now Playing: Newest Ski Movies for 2014


Days of My Youth - Photo courtesy Red Bull Media House. Skier:James Heim

Days of My Youth – Photo courtesy Red Bull Media House. Skier:James Heim

I received some deserved heat for missing “Pretty Faces” in my review of hot new ski movies for 2014. I knew this was a tough assignment given how many great ski movies are being produced by independent skiers and riders.

Regardless, the fall release of new ski movies is a special time and one more thing that sets this sport apart from all others. READ MY REVIEW