Eyes Wide Forward – Ski Racer Beth Requist is Focus Forward

Beth Requist 3

Originally published by Club Colorado – The Official Blog of Colorado Ski Country USA

Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a moment. U2’s Bono sang a song about it. Beth Requist, a paralympian ski racer, doesn’t allow it.

The moment that Requist could be languishing in occured in August 2011: That’s when she jumped off a 40-foot cliff feet-first into the Upper Colorado River.

It’s a plunge dozens of other whitewater thrill seekers take every summer day on this popular stretch of river that runs just south of Kremmling to State Bridge, Colorado. On her turn to jump, Requist says she entered the water at an awkward angle. There was no immediate pain, but she knew something was wrong. She couldn’t feel her legs. In that split-second moment, Requist’s life was changed forever. REQUEST FULL POST

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