Hot Boots! 8 New Ski Boots for 2015

With a name like Hawk, we're kind of fond of this line by Atomic.

With a name like Hawx, we’re kind of fond of this line by Atomic.

If you’re a skier on Colorado’s Front Range, then you or someone you know has heard of Larry the boot fitterHe’s a one-named legend that can make ski toes sing like Elvis made young women cry.

Tens of thousands of skiers have come to Larry to bare their soles. The most important thing to know when buying ski boots, says Larry, is the shape of your foot.

Today, the top ski boot companies are building boots that fit a larger swath of foot shapes, and that’s very good news for skiers. Now we have more boot styles to choose from; better, warmer technology; and all at very competitive prices.

If you’re looking to put some hip-shaking swing back into your skiing, here’s a look at the year’s hottest ski boots for men and women.  

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